Why did you become a business owner? 

More than likely, you have a vision of what can be. Your vision usually involves the finances and time to impact the lives of the people you care about. However, more often than not, your vision isn’t coming to life. 


Typically one of these three reasons are at play:

  1. You feel like your business owns you rather than you owning your business

  2. You feel ready to grow but you don’t know-how

  3. You feel overwhelmed by the number of hats you have to wear

If you feel any one of the above, then you are not alone. 

Most business owners start out as technical experts in their given field. For example, a landscaper begins cutting grass, and at no point did they learn the business of landscaping. This creates a problem once they experience success because now they have to take on roles that they’ve never been able to learn. All of a sudden they have to trust other people to do the things that they are really good at while being organized enough to learn a whole new skill set. 

My secret sauce is my ability to uncover the root cause of a challenge and offer an unexpected solution. That solution typically results in a substantial increase in profits and the peace of mind to set you free from your business. 

I ask powerful questions to clarify who you are and what your desire is. I am empathetic, although surgical in approach. I make my clients feel they are the only person I am working with. I have an uncanny way of drawing people out and getting to the heart of the matter.

As a result, my clients gain these desired benefits that most never experience:

  • More time to live the life they love

  • Confidence and control to manage the challenges of their business

  • Peace of mind that increased cash flow and profits provide

  • Fulfilling their customers’ needs with ease

If you feel frustrated with sales and marketing, the reason may not be a lack of effort or investment. The problem may be inadequate or inefficient service delivery to your customers. 

Remember, the best time to make a change was yesterday, so you better get started today! What is the one thing you need to change or do differently that would make you more successful?

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