10 x Your Resources to Maximize Your Results Part 2

Resources are tremendous, but results are better. Every business has resources, but very few can put them to the best use. Last week we spoke about the three strategies for maximizing your resource, and they were:  Call in the Troops; using your current customers. Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork; the power of a referral system Black Sheep Clients; reactivation of previous clients.  Today we’ll talk about the following three: Olympic-Size Sales Staff Open Water Fishing  Call for Back-Up Olympic-Size Sales Staff Now we all know you can’t have a sales staff of 10,000 who work around the clock for

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10x Your Resource to Maximize Your Results

In the previous series, we discussed techniques and strategies to maximize your resources. This next series of posts will cover how to take maximizing resources and multiply them for even bigger results.  In this first of the four-part series, we’ll cover:  Call in the Troops Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork Black Sheep Clients Call in the Troops Finding and securing new clients can be exhausting and expensive. So instead, work with other companies to help you find new clients. Find solid companies with secure, positive relationships with their customers/clients. Also, ensure that their products/services are not directly competitive with

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Maximize Your Resources – Part 3

With every series, it is time to wrap up. In the last post, we talked about three more ways to maximize your current resources. They included: Reveal your business’s soul, bring your why/motivation to the front of what you do. From breaking even to breaking the bank, the power of cost-cutting, not cutting people. Stand up and stand out, having an efficient USP. Today we’ll talk about the last three areas you can work on to maximize your current resources. They are: Your people & Your Time Eliminate before you delegate Stay away from the edge of the cliff. Your

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Maximize Your Resources – Part 2

  Let recap last week’s blog, where we discussed the first three areas for maximizing your resources. For reference, they were: Recognize the obvious, give yourself the space to see the apparent areas of waste. Unconventional breakthroughs create a culture and method for maximizing new and creative ideas between you and your team. Face the facts, start by analyzing your current systems and start by making a 1% change. Today we’ll cover the next three, which are: Reveal your business’ soul From breaking even to breaking the bank Stand up and stand out Reveal Your Business’ Soul Every business has

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Maximize Your Resources – Part 1

Over the next few posts, we’re going to talk about how to take a hard look at your current resources and get the most out of them. Your resources can help your capital go further and increase your profit margin. Today we’ll cover three different ways to maximize what you already have. These include: Recognize the obvious Unconventional breakthroughs Face the facts Recognize the Obvious Sometimes when you are too close to something, you can’t make out the big picture. You need to step back and take a hard look at the resources you currently have in front of you.

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